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    Antarctica Service Military Medal
    Antarctica Service Medal

    Service: All Services

    Instituted: July 7, 1960

    Dates: 1946 to Present

    Criteria: 30 calendar days of service on the Antarctic Continent.

    Devices: All Services: Bronze, Gold, Silver disks (denote bars below)  Bronze Stars (Coast Guard only)

    Bars: “Wintered Over” in Bronze, Gold, Silver

    Authorized on July 7, 1960 and awarded to any member of the Armed Forces who, from January 2, 1946, as a member of a U.S. Antarctic expedition, participates in, or performs services in direct support of scientific or exploratory operations on the Antarctic Continent. Qualifying service includes personnel who participate in flights or naval operations supporting operations in Antarctica. The medal may also be awarded to any U.S. citizen who participates in Antarctic expeditions under the same conditions as Service personnel.

    The front of the medal depicts a figure appropriately clothed in cold weather gear with his hood thrown back, arms extended and legs spread, symbolizing stability, determination, courage and devotion. The reverse depicts a map of the Antarctic continent in polar projection across which are three centered lines containing the inscription, “COURAGE SACRIFICE  DEVOTION.”

    A clasp containing the raised inscription, “WINTERED OVER” is worn on the medal and a disc of the same metal, containing the outline of the Antarctic Continent is worn on the ribbon bar if the individual remains on the continent during the winter months. For the first stay, the disc and bar are made of bronze, for the second stay, they are gold-colored and for the third and all subsequent winter tours, the devices are silver. The Coast Guard alone specifies the small three-sixteenths inch diameter bronze star as an additional award device.

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