Air Force Good Conduct Medal

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    Air Force Good Conduct Medal
    Service: Air Force
    Instituted: 1963
    Criteria: Exemplary con­duct, efficiency and fidelity during three years of active enlisted service with the U.S. Air Force
    Devices: Bronze, Silver Oak Leaf cluster

    Authorized on June 1, 1963. Awarded to Air Force personnel in an enlisted status upon recommendation of the unit commander for exemplary conduct while in active military service on or after June 1, 1963 after three years of continuous service (1 year in wartime - this was rarely done). The U. S. Air Force used the Army Good Conduct Medal to recognize deserving service by enlisted personnel from 1947 to 1963 when the Air Force Good Conduct Medal was created. As with the Army Good Conduct Medal, the award was never automatic and required commander certification prior to being awarded. Commanders usually receive notification from their personnel center that an individual is eligible for this award. The commander then reviews the individual’s record and affixes his/her signature to the personnel document verifying that the person is eligible and deserving of the award. The absence of an award of the Air Force Good Conduct medal to an individual having a qualifying period of enlistment would be noteworthy to supervisory personnel. The front of the medal bears the inscription, “EFFICIENCY, HONOR, FIDELITY,” surrounding the American eagle which stands on a closed book and sword. On the reverse is a five-pointed star above a blank scroll; the words, “FOR GOOD” are above the star and below the scroll is the word, “CONDUCT.” Bronze and silver oak leaf attachments denote additional awards of the medal.

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