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    Air Force Commendation Medal
    Service: Air Force

    Instituted: 1958

    Criteria: 1. Outstanding achievement or meritorious service rendered on behalf of the United States Air Force.

    Devices: Bronze, Silver Oak Leaf Cluster,  "V" attachment

    Authorized on March 28, 1958; previous to this date the Army Commendation  Medal was awarded to Air Force personnel who met the criteria for the award. Awarded to personnel below the rank of Brigadier General for outstanding achievement or meritorious service or acts of courage that do not meet the requirements for award of the Airman's Medal or the Bronze Star Medal. The medal has often been used for end of tour recognition, especially to junior officers and non-commissioned officers. In 1996, the Secretary of the Air Force  authorized the award of a letter V for this medal if the award is given to Air Force Members  who distinguish themselves while under attack or during a hazardous situation resulting from hostilities - retroactive to January 11, 1996. The V  device being awarded with this medal were for those awarded for actions during the terrorist bombing in Saudi Arabia in 1996. The front of the medal contains an American eagle with outstretched wings in front of a cloud formation and perched above the Air Force Coat of Arms. The reverse contains the words "FOR MILITARY MERIT."

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