Electronics Technician Rating

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    All Navy Rates ship as first class and need to be cut for 2nd and 3rd class.

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    Electronics Technician Rating
    ETs must complete Apprentice Technical Training (ATT), followed by Electronics Technician 'A' School, which are held at Naval Training Center Great Lakes, Illinois and Naval Weapons Station Charleston in Goose Creek, South Carolina for Nuclear Field 'A' School. While the school was originally very hands-on, it is now entirely conducted through self-study computer based training (CBT) with 7 hands on labs used to demonstrate the student's aptitude with the equipment they will be working with once out in fleet. Once 'A' school is complete, most ETs move onto a 'C' school to learn more indepth knowledge of electronics for one specific system used aboard ship. This earns them a DNEC, which is further used to determine where they will be stationed after schooling is finished. ETs may be in training for 2 years or more and the rating often requires the sailor to extend their enlistment to 6 years.

    ETs are responsible for the electronic equipment used to send and receive messages, detect enemy planes and ships, and determine target distance. They maintain, repair, calibrate, tune, and adjust all electronic equipment used for communications, detection and tracking, recognition and identification, navigation, and electronic countermeasures

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