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    Belgian Fourrager - Lanyard

    Belgian Fourrager - Lanyard from Medals of America. Veteran owned and operated for 35 years, you know you are getting quality products, to wear with pride and honor, and guaranteed for a lifetime.

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    Belgian Fourrager - Lanyard
    The Belgian Fourragere was a special badge/shoulder braid created on 26 March, 1945 by Decree of Charles, Prince of Belgium, Regent of the Kingdom to honor the bravery which certain units of the Army exhibited during WW II. It is braided in the colors of the ribbon of the 'Croix de Guerre 1940' and composed of a round cordon, partially braided, consisting of three cords terminated by a knot and a metal tag. The cord is of wool with cotton middle for non-commissioned officers and troops, silk for officers. The Fourragere is worn encircling the left shoulder (on the coat, greatcoat, jacket or vest, according to the case), and passes under the armpit.

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