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    Enlisted Military Police with US Insignia

    "Enlisted Military Police with US Insignia from Medals of America. Never surplus

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    Enlisted Military Police with US Insignia

    1' round circular disk. Each insignia comes with a 1' round insignia that says 'US.' The insignia is per military spec and is the same insignia that Army personnel currently wear.

    Branch Insignia: Two crossed gold color metal pistols 3/4 inch in height. Sold in pairs. The insignia was approved in 1922. The old type pistol sometimes referred to as the Harper’s Ferry Pistol (made at the Harper’s Ferry Arsenal), was selected since it is the first American Military pistol and remained the Army model for many years. The parts of this weapon were standardized and interchangeable, thereby marking an advance in arms.

    Branch Plaque: The plaque design has the branch insignia, letters, and rim in gold. The background is green.

    Regimental Insignia: A gold color metal and enamel device 1 3/16 inches in height consisting of a shield blazoned as follows: Vert, a fasces palewise, axe Or and rods Proper (brown), therefore in fess a balance and in saltire overall a key with bow in sinister base and a sword with hilt in dexter base all of the second. The shield is enclosed at bottom and sides by a gold scroll of three folds inscribed “ASSIST PROTECT DEFEND” in green letters and surmounted at the top by two crossed gold pistols. The regimental insignia was approved on 3 July 1986.

    Regimental Coat of Arms: The coat of arms appears on the breast of a displayed eagle on the regimental flag. The coat of arms is: Vert, a fasces palewise, axe Or and rods Proper (brown); therefore in fess a balance and in saltire overall a key with bow in sinister base and a sword with hilt in dexter base all of the second. The crest (On a wreath of the colors Or and Vert a pair of crossed pistols of the first) is displayed above the eagle’s head. The background color of the flag is green and the fringe is yellow. The coat of arms was approved on 2 May 86.

    Symbolism of Regimental Insignia: Green and yellow are the colors associated with the Military Police Corps. The fasces is an ancient symbol of authority related to a Roman magistrate. The balance is symbolic of equal justice under law and the key signifies security. The sword represents the military. The crossed pistols are the symbol of the Military Police Corps mission: to uphold the law and to keep order. The motto “ASSIST PROTECT AND DEFEND” reflects the mission.

    Branch Colors: Green piped with yellow. Green - 65007 cloth; 67129 yarn; PMS 357 Yellow - 65002 cloth; 67108 yarn; PMS 123. The color yellow piped with green was assigned to the Military Police by AR 600-35 dated 20 April 1922. With the establishment of yellow for the Armor and the use of green for the insignia on the Armor flag, the colors for the Military Police were reversed. The current colors, green piped with yellow, were assigned by regulation 600-60-1 dated 26 October 1951.

    Birthday: 26 September 1941. The Provost Marshal General’s Office and Corps of Military Police were established in 1941. Prior to that time, except during the Civil War and World War I, there was no regularly appointed Provost Marshal General or regularly constituted Military Police Corps, although a “Provost Marshal” can be found as early as January 1776, and a Provost Corps as early as 1778.

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