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    Air Force Commander's Badge

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    Air Force Commander's Badge
    This official U.S.A. made Air Force badge is full size nickel plated and sold individually. The Air Force Commander's Insignia is an insignia of the United States Air Force, that has been in existence since 2002. Also known as the USAF Commander's Badge, the Air Force Commander's Insignia is awarded to any Air Force officer who holds a major command billet within the United States Air Force. To be eligible for the Air Force Commander's Insignia, an Air Force officer must hold permanent assignment in a command billet, normally in the rank of Major or above. Examples of such billets would include any unit larger than detachment size, including: Squadron, Group, and Wing commanders, as well as the commanding officers of major Air Force installations such as Air Force bases. Commanders of Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) Detachments are also authorized to wear the Air Force Commander's Badge. The Air Force Commander's Insignia is worn above the name tag when in command of a squadron, group, wing, Numbered Air Force (NAF), major command (MAJCOM), or Unified Command. The insignia is worn below the name tag upon completion of such a command assignment.

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