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    US Army Warrant Officer Insignia

    US Army Warrant Officer Insignia from Medals of America. With 35 years of veteran experience, you know every badge and cap badge is guaranteed new and official. Perfect for your uniform or display.

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    US Army Warrant Officer Insignia
    Branch Insignia: A distinctive insignia was approved for warrant officers on 12 May 1921 and removed 9 July 2004. It consisted of an eagle rising with wings displayed, adapted from the great seal of the United States. The National eagle is standing on two arrows, which symbolize the military arts and sciences. The rising eagle is enclosed within a wreath. Warrant Officers now wear the basic branch insignia and colors based on their primary MOS. Warrant Officer’s replaced their “Eagle Rising” hat insignia with the “Coat of Arms of the United States” insignia on their service caps effective 9 July 2004.

    Flags: There are no Warrant Officer units.

    Branch Colors: The Army Warrant Officer Corps color was brown. The color emanated from the brown strands from burlap bags used by the Mine Planter Service. Now Warrant Officers wear the color of the basic branch of their primary MOS.

    Warrant Officer Corps: A warrant officer is an officer
    appointed by warrant by the Secretary of the Army, based on a sound level of technical and tactical competence. He or she is the highly specialized expert and trainer who, by gaining progressive levels of expertise and leadership, operates, maintains, administers, and manages the Army’s equipment, support activities, or technical systems for an entire career. Warrant Officers work in every branch of service as reflected by the needs of the Army. Warrant officers are specifically trained as pilots or other specialists and thereby spend their entire career in the Aviation or other branches, as of 9 July 2004 they wear the insignia of the branch they are serving in.

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