Army Pistol Qualification Bar

    Army Pistol Qualification Bar from Medals of America. With 35 years of veteran experience, you know every badge and cap badge is guaranteed new and official. Perfect for your uniform or display.

    Product Description

    Army Pistol Qualification Bar
    Attachment for Marksman, Sharpshooter or Expert Qualification Badge.

    Weapons qualification bars: Originally of sterling silver these bars of white metal have rings at the top for attaching to the Expert, Sharpshooter and Marksmanship qualification badge or to the last previously earned bar. Qualification Bars: Bars with the following inscriptions are currently authorized for display on the badges:

    Rifle, Machine Gun, Submachine Gun, Rocket Launcher,
    Small Bore Pistol, Pistol, Field Artillery, Grenade,
    Mortar, Missile, AA Artillery, Tank Weapons,
    Carbine, Bayonet, Aeroweapons, Auto Rifle,
    Flamethrower, Recoilless Rifle, Small Bore Rifle
    Inscription formerly authorized on qualification bars:

    1941 Deleted Sword, added Small Bore Rifle, Small Bore Pistol, Submachine Gun, Small Bore MG.

    1944 Added Carbine, Antitank, 81mm Mortar, 60 mm Mortar, TD 75mm, TD 57mm, TD 3 inch

    1948 Added Recoilless Rifle, Mortar. Deleted Pistol D, Pistol M, Mines, C.W.S. Weapons, Aerial Gunner, Aerial bomber, Small Bore MG, Antitank, 81mm Mortar, 60mm Mortar, TD (all types)

    1951 Added Submarine Mines

    1972 Added Aeroweapons

    Prior to 1951 regulation, the titles of the badges were Marksman and 2d Class Gunner; Sharpshooter and First Class Gunner and Expert.

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