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    M109 Paladin Military T-Shirt

    M109 Paladin Military T-Shirt from Medals of America. We have the largest selection, the finest services and the best quality available. Available for all branches.

    Product Description

    M109 Paladin Military T-Shirt
    M109 Paladin T-shirt You know the quote, "speak softy and carry a big stick"? I think this machine was built for more roll in hard and hit em with "my boom stick". What you should know about the Paladin: Made in America and tested worldwide and features a Detroit Diesel Engine, Allison Transmission, a 155mm Howitzer boom stick with a .50 cal up top. We can't sell you this self-propelled howitzer, so here's the T-shirt instead. This black shirt features a bold print on the back and a small left chest design.

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