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    USAF Small Arms Expert Ribbon

    USAF Small Arms Expert Ribbon from Medals of America. Each military ribbon is guaranteed new, official and never surplus. Our veterans inspect and ship each ribbon to ensure the highest quality.

    Product Description

    USAF Small Arms Expert Ribbon
    Small Arms Expert Marksmanship Ribbon

    Service: Air Force

    Instituted: 1962

    Criteria: Qualification as expert with either the M-16 rifle or standard Air Force issue handgun.

    Devices: Bronze Star

    Authorized on August 28, 1962. Awarded to Air Force personnel who, after Jan. 1, 1963, qualify as Expert with either the M16 rifle or issue handgun on the Air Force qualification course or on a prescribed course or who completes the Combat Rifle Program. The ribbon is only awarded once regardless of how many times an individual qualifies as “Expert.” A bronze star device is added (only once) if the recipient meets the award criteria with both the rifle and handgun.

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