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    China Service Mini Medal
    China Service Medal

    Instituted: 1940
    Dates: 1937-39, 1945-57
    Criteria: Service ashore in China or on-board naval vessels during either of the above periods
    Devices: Bronze Star
    Notes: Medal was reinstituted in 1947 for extended service during dates shown above

    For service in China during the periods just prior to and just following World War II, the China Service Medal is worn after the Navy or Marine Corps Expeditionary Medal and before the American Defense Service Medal.
    The China Service Medal was authorized by the Department of the Navy on August, 23 1940 for members of the Navy and Marine Corps who served in China or were attached to ships in the area during the period July 7, 1937 to September 7, 1939. The second period was for those who were present for duty during operations in China, Taiwan and the Formosa Straits during the period September 2, 1947 to April 1, 1957.
    The China Service Medal was designed by George Snowden. The medal is a circular bronze disc showing a Chinese junk under full sail with the raised inscribed words, “CHINA” above and “SERVICE” below. The reverse of the medal shows an American eagle perched on an anchor and laurel branches. On either side of the eagle are the words, “FOR SERVICE.” Above, in a semicircle is a raised inscription, “UNITED STATES NAVY” or “UNITED STATES MARINE CORPS” depending on the recipient’s branch of service. The ribbon is yellow with a narrow red stripe near each edge. If an individual served during both periods, a bronze three-sixteenth inch star is worn.

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