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    American Campaign
    American Campaign Medal

    Service: All Services

    Instituted: 1942

    Criteria: Service outside the U.S. in the American theater for 30 days, or within the conti­nental

    United States (CONUS) for one year

    Devices: All Services: Bronze star

    For service during World War II within the American Theater of Operations. The American Campaign Medal was established by Executive Order on November 6, 1942 and amended on March 15, 1946, which established a closing date. The medal is awarded to any member of the Armed Forces who served in the American Theater of Operations during the period from December 7, 1941 to March 2, 1946 or was awarded a combat decoration while in combat against the enemy. The service must have been an aggregate of one year within the continental United States, or thirty consecutive days outside the continental United States, or sixty nonconsecutive days outside the continental United States, but within the American Theater of Operations. Maps of the three theaters of operations during World War II were drawn on November 6, 1942 to include the American Theater, European- African - Middle Eastern Theater and Asiatic-Pacific Theater.
    The American Campaign Medal was designed by the Army’s Institute of Heraldry. The medal is a circular bronze disc showing a Navy cruiser, a B-24 bomber and a sinking enemy submarine above three waves. Shown in the background are some buildings representing the United States. Above is the raised inscription, “AMERICAN CAMPAIGN.” The reverse of the medal shows an American eagle standing on a rock. On the left of the eagle are the raised inscribed dates, “1941-1945” and on the right, “UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.” The ribbon is azure blue with three narrow stripes of red, white and blue (United States) in the center and four stripes of white, red (Japan), black and white (Germany) near the edges. Three-sixteenth inch bronze stars indicated participation in specialized antisubmarine, escort or special operations. The American Campaign Medal is worn after the Women’s Army Corps Service Medal by Army & Air Force personnel and after the American Defense Service Medal by the Naval Services.

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