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Republic Of Vietnam Campaign Medal

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Republic Of Vietnam Campaign Medal

Vietnam Campaign Military Medal

Service: All

Country: Republic of Vietnam

Instituted: 1966

Criteria: 6 months service in the Republic of Vietnam between 1961 and 1973 or if wounded, captured or killed in action during the above period.

Devices: Silver Date Bar

Notes: Bar inscribed “1960” is the only authorized version.

Vietnam Campaign Medal - Background

The Republic of Vietnam Campaign Medal was established by the Government of the Repub­lic of Vietnam on May 12, 1964 and authorized for award to members of the United States Armed Forces by the Department of Defense on June 20, 1966. To qualify for award, personnel must meet one of the following requirements:

(1) Have served in the Republic of Viet­nam for 6 months during the period from March 1, 1961 to March 28, 1973.

(2) Have served outside the geographical limits of the Republic of Vietnam and con­tributed direct combat support to the Re­public of Vietnam and Armed Forces for six months. Such individuals must meet the cri­teria established for the Armed Forces Ex­peditionary Medal (Vietnam) or the Vietnam Service Medal, during the period of service required to qualify for the Repub­lic of Vietnam Campaign Medal.

(3) Have served for less than six months and have been wounded by hostile forces, captured by hostile forces, but later escaped, was rescued or released or killed in action.

Vietnam Campaign Medal - Special Eligibility Rules

Special eligibility rules for the Vietnam Campaign Medal were established for personnel assigned in the Republic of Vietnam on January 28, 1973. To be eligible for the medal, an individual must have served a minimum of 60 days in the Republic of Vietnam as of that date or have completed a minimum of 60 days ser­vice in the Republic of Vietnam during the period from January 28, 1973 to March 28, 1973, inclusive.

The Republic of Vietnam Campaign Military Medal is a white six-pointed star with cut lined, broad gold star points between and a central green disk with a map of Vietnam in silver surmounted with three painted flames in red, signifying the three regions of Vietnam. The reverse contains the inscrip­tion, “VIET-NAM” in a lined circle in the center with the name of the medal inscribed in Vietnamese text at the upper and lower edges separated by many short lines. The device, an integral part of the award, is a silver ribbon 28mm long on the suspension ribbon and 15mm long on the service bar inscribed, “1960- ” and was evidently intended to include a terminal date for the hostilities. Many examples of this medal are found with de­vices inscribed with other dates but the only version authorized for U.S. personnel is the one described herein.

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