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    Lockheed F-16D Fighting Falcon Diecast Model USAF 52nd FW, 480th FS Warhawks

    480th FS, the iconic Fighter Squadron F-16D 1/72 scale die cast

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    Lockheed F-16D Fighting Falcon Diecast Model USAF 52nd FW, 480th FS Warhawks
    The F-16, introduced in 1976, was one of the most advanced aircraft of its era, and remains in service today, although the U.S. Air Force has discontinued purchasing models in favor of the more modern F-35. The Fighting Falcon included a number of innovative touches, such as a frameless bubble canopy for better visibility, a reclined seat to reduce the g-force effect on the pilot, and a side-mounted control stick. Heavily armed, it can be equipped with up to six AIM-9 Sidewinder heat-seeking short-range air-to-air missiles, in addition to the capability for multiple other weapons including air-to-ground missiles, rockets, and bombs. It is considered one of the most successful aircraft designs of the Cold War, with a production total of over 4,500.

    Pay tribute to the 480th FS, the iconic Fighter Squadron that has bravely served off-and-on since World War II, and one of the first units to fly the F-16, with this 1/72 scale, die cast, Air Force 1 model, featuring realistic panel lines and access panels, a glazed canopy, two pilot figures, a well-equipped interior, full weapons complement, extended/retracted landing gear, rotating wheels, and a presentation stand. Measures approximately 8¼" long, with a 5¼" wingspan.

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