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Shellback Challenge Coin

Shellback Challenge Coin from Medals of America. Our challenge coins are uniquely finished, minted and perfect for any Veteran. Bragging rights included! Celebrate these symbols of duty, honor and country for a lifetime.

Product Description

Shellback Challenge Coin
New Ancient Order of the Shellback Challenge Coin

The front of the coin features King Neptune surrounded by hammerhead sharks, gold 'ANCIENT ORDER OF THE SHELLBACK' lettering, mermaids and an anchor floating on top of an ocean-blue sea turtle shell.

The back features the same ocean-blue sea turtle shell, a mermaid, gold lettering 'imperium neptuni regis' and 00  marks.

The exciting unique oval turtle shell shape compliments this coin and radiates the very essence of the Shellback.

A must have for all Salts that have gone south of the equator.

Coin Measures:

1 3/4' inches in width
2 inches in height

Designed by Medals of America. Inspired by you.

Challenge Coins are a tradition that started during WW 1. The first coins were issued to battalions as symbols of camaraderie and unity, and have been prized by Veteran’s ever since. Over time the “challenge” came when the service member having a coin to show proof of membership in a campaign, battle group or event. Challenge Coins are often traded between service members and are a great source of pride.

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