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Boatswain's Mate Rating

"Boatswain's Mate Rating from Medals of America. Never surplus

All Navy Rates ship as first class and need to be cut for 2nd and 3rd class.

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Boatswain's Mate Rating
BOATSWAIN'S MATE - pronounced 'BO-SUN' (SAME AS COXSWAIN - pronounced 'cox-sun') Coxswain became Boatswain in 1948.

Onboard U.S. Navy and U.S. Coast Guard vessels, boatswain's mates comprise the deck department and are lead by the First Lieutenant. The only person to hold the title of Boatswain is the Ship's Boatswain a warrant officer, who is assisted in his or her duty by the Boatswain's Mates (BM) in the U.S. Navy or U.S. Coast Guard. Whereas, the boatswain is the foreman of the crew and is sometimes also the third or fourth mate on board merchant vessels.

Navy red on black arm rating patch.

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