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    Parachute Badge - Navy or Marines

    Parachute Badge - Navy or Marines from Medals of America. With 35 years of veteran experience, you know every badge and cap badge is guaranteed new and official. Perfect for your uniform or display.

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    Parachute Badge - Navy or Marines

    A gold metal winged pin with a gold open parachute in the center.

    Navy personnel may qualify as a free-fall and/or a high-altitude low-opening (HALO) parachutist. Navy enlisted personnel who qualify for the Naval Parachutist Badge are authorized to include the designator (PJ) after his/her enlisted rating. Enlisted personnel that qualify as free-fall and HALO parachutists are authorized the designator (FPJ) when writing his/her rating.

    In the U.S. Marine Corps, the Naval Parachutist Badge, along with the new rebreather or old SCUBA 'bubble' Diving Badge is the two identifying badges of a U.S. Marine Force Recon, who, like their SEAL counterparts, are jump and rebreather certified. In addition to Force Reconnaissance units, other Marine Corps units earn and issue the gold version of the airborne wings, including the Air Naval Gunfire Liaison Company (ANGLICO), and Radio Recon units. Navy Seals also wear this insignia in some of their dress uniforms.

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