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Army Recruiting Badge

Army Recruiting Badge from Medals of America. With 35 years of veteran experience, you know every badge and cap badge is guaranteed new and official. Perfect for your uniform or display.

Product Description

Army Recruiting Badge
US Army Recruiting Badge Army Recruiting Badge. Official Army issue. Approximately 1 3/4' diameter. Made in silver oxide with green enamal background or black subdued. Reads 'U.S. Army Recruiter'. Badge is given to qualified enlisted personnel and commanders who honorably completed their tour of duty in recruiting on or after 1 July 1980. This award was made retroactive to January 1975 for those still on active duty. The Army Recruiter Badge is presented to any personnel who are assigned as active recruiters in the United States Army. The basic badge is a silver crest and may be upgraded with three gold achievement stars, centered beneath the badge. Achievement beyond the award of the 3rd gold star is signified in the awarding of a gold recruiter badge. Further achievement awards for the 'Gold Badge Recruiter' are annotated by sapphire stars placed at the bottom of the crest. The Army Recruiter Badge is initially presented as a temporary decoration and is worn on the left pocket, beneath standard award ribbons.

This item is also available to be embroidered on many of our custom embroidered items, printed onto a Custom T-Shirt, or engraved onto a flag case, pint glass. See our Custom Builders section!

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IN STOCK Your item will ship by Monday, Feb-08
Your Price: $24.95
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